The Utah County Attorney’s Office charged a Lehi man with a number of offenses after his arrest, including sexual battery.

According to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest, officers with the American Fork Police Department responded to reports of a disturbance at a local residence.

The reporting party told officials several individuals were arguing and two men were in the midst of a physical fight.

When authorities arrived, the homeowner told police 25-year-old David Durogene of Lehi had inappropriately touched a woman at a party that was hosted at the residence.

When the homeowner was made aware, he allegedly asked Durogene to leave, according to arrest documents.

Officers also spoke with the woman who Durogene allegedly touched. The woman told police Durogene had come up behind her and inappropriately touched her breasts.

When the woman became upset, others at the party allegedly began to yell at Durogene, telling him to leave several times.

The homeowner told officials he demanded Durogene leave the residence several times, but the defendant refused.

Durogene then allegedly pushed the homeowner and others at the party, which escalated the situation into a physical fight between Durogene and the homeowner, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Shortly after, Durogene was physically removed from the residence.

While Durogene was outside, he allegedly damaged two vehicles belonging to people who offered to drive him home. The damage in both cases was estimated to be over $500 but less than $1,500.

According to arrest documents, Durogene allegedly damaged the driver’s side rear bumper, broke the front fender and dented the hood of one of the vehicles while kicking and punching the car.

The other vehicle had its side mirror broken and the windshield smashed.

Officers reported, while speaking with Durogene, that he was allegedly intoxicated, constantly losing his balance, talking in circles, and acting irrational or not making sense.

Durogene was transported to the American Fork Hospital for medical assessment. Once cleared, he was taken to the Utah County Jail.

Officials took Durogene into custody under the suspicion of class A misdemeanor criminal mischief, class A misdemeanor sexual battery, class A misdemeanor criminal trespass, class B misdemeanor interference with an arrest officer, and class C misdemeanor intoxication.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office made the decision to charge Durogene with all of the proposed charges and an additional class A misdemeanor for criminal mischief for a total of six charges. He is currently being held on $8,800 bail.