Lehi police arrested a 20-year-old Orem man after he reportedly threatened his co-workers with a knife on multiple occasions.

Dallas Karren was arrested and booked Thursday into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of four counts of the third-degree felony of aggravated assault.

On Wednesday, Karren was at his work in Lehi when he pulled out a pocket knife, opened it and moved the knife toward a co-worker as Karren said he’d slit a co-worker’s throat if they didn’t finish quickly, according to a police report. The co-worker and witness reportedly told police they were scared and believed Warren was serious.

The same day, another co-worker was walking down a hallway when he saw Karren pull out the knife, flick it open and say he was going to kill him, according to a police report.

On another occasion, a co-worker was at his desk when Karren pulled out the knife and said he’d kill the co-worker, according to a police report, while another co-worker told police Karren had held the knife up to them and threatened them, as well.

Another co-worker reportedly told police he was about to pull out his concealed gun because he thought he’d need to defend a co-worker against Karren.

Karren reportedly told police he had threatened the co-workers with the knife on Wednesday but was joking, according to the police report.

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