The Pleasant Grove Police Department is asking for the public’s help in searching for a suspected drunk driver who damaged a headstone in Pleasant Grove.

Jamee Gruel’s son, Colby, is buried in section G of the Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Her son died after crashing a motorized scooter in a Provo church parking lot in May. He was a student at Pleasant Grove High School.

On Thursday morning, Gruel said she received a call from Pleasant Grove authorities, letting her know that a car had struck his son’s headstone. The headstone, she said, is a bench that family and friends visit often.

“There’s significant damage,” she said.

Gruel visited the grave site Thursday and said the bench was completely separated from the concrete foundation and moved about 5 feet from its spot. Tire marks show the path the vehicle took after striking the headstone and driving off.

The headstone itself is still intact, but it is lying on its side with a large crack. The company that made the headstone is assessing the damages, but Gruel said she doesn’t expect it to be too expensive.

“I’m not so much worried about the cost of the headstone, it’s the principle,” she said. “I want to know who did it, and why they didn’t report it. My son has only been gone 10 months.”

Now, the family will have to have the headstone taken away from the site to be repaired.

After further investigation, Gruel said authorities were able to compile enough evidence from pieces of the vehicle left behind at the scene to identify the suspected vehicle. Police are now looking for a Hyundai Santa Fe Sport that was likely manufactured from 2013-2016.

After Gruel’s son died in May, family and friends hiked to the “G” on the mountain in Pleasant Grove to celebrate what would have been his 18th birthday in August. His family, along with a group of more than 100 people, sung happy birthday and illuminated the “G” with spotlights to mark the occasion.

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