Officers with the American Fork Police Department took a woman into custody after reports indicated she allegedly burglarized a surgery center five times within the month of June.

According to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest, police responded to an American Fork medical surgery center on reports of a burglary in progress. Reports indicate a female was in the surgery center attempting to get into the narcotics cabinet.

When officers arrived on scene, they set up a perimeter and entered the building once a representative had also arrived on scene. Police announced for anyone in the building to make themselves known before 41-year-old Brittney Oliver of Pleasant Grove emerged from the building, surrendering herself to authorities, according to arrest documents.

Oliver was taken into custody without incident.

Authorities have been investigating multiple cases involving an unknown suspect entering the health building and gaining access to the narcotics cabinet. Throughout the month of June, officers responded to four similar incidents prior to Monday’s arrest.

A camera was placed in the medical center by staff due to the increasing number of stolen narcotics and ultimately leading to Oliver’s arrest, according to the probable cause affidavit.

On the first of the four prior incidents, medical staff reported that $824.67 worth of narcotics and medicine were taken from the surgery center. Staff found there was no forced entry and no damage found to the property.

After the second burglary, $453.64 worth of narcotics and medicine went missing from the surgery center within the building. Staff did not find any signs of forced entry and were unable to determine how the individual entered the building.

The narcotics were kept in a locked cabinet that, upon closer inspection, had not been properly closed because the latch had been bent inward, according to arrest documents.

On the third reported burglary, two doors worth a total of $300 were damaged, however, no narcotics or medicine was taken. Upon further investigation, officials believed the suspect damaged the doors in order to access where the narcotics had been previously kept. Authorities did not find any signs of forced entry on the outer doors and there was no video surveillance available.

It wasn’t until the fourth burglary that police were able to obtain a picture of the suspect. The individual was wearing a beanie and mask and could not be identified, according to the probable cause statement. During the fourth burglary, the suspect took miscellaneous items after they were unable to gain access to narcotics.

After her arrest Monday, Oliver allegedly told police she found a hammer in a tool box inside the business and had used it to damage the doors in an attempt to gain access to a room labeled “anesthetics.”

She allegedly said she knew she was unlawfully entering the building but had done so in the attempt to steal narcotics. Oliver also allegedly said she had unlawfully entered the building several other times with the same intent.

Arresting officers said Oliver has been “extremely cooperative with investigators,” according to arrest documents. Oliver allegedly told police she was involved in the four prior burglaries and identified herself as the suspect caught on camera during the fourth burglary.

She allegedly said she had picked the medical building at random and was only taking the medications for herself.

Oliver was taken into custody under the suspicion of five counts of third-degree felony burglary, class A misdemeanor theft, class B misdemeanor theft and class B misdemeanor criminal mischief.

Oliver was released after being booked into the Utah County Jail and held on $5,000 bail.

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