Provo Police Department

A police car parked outside the Provo Police Department on Monday, May 18, 2015. 

On Sunday at approximately 2 p.m., 32-year-old Kody Dalley of Spanish Fork was arrested by Provo Police officers for allegedly being in possession of multiple credit cards, Social Security cards and more personal identification documents.

Officers were called to a house in Provo for a reported trespassing, and that person was identified as Dalley by the caller.

According to the probable cause statement, Dalley has a history of carrying weapons, fleeing and being combative.

After the initial trespassing call, officers were able to locate Dalley walking on State Street and initiated a traffic stop. Upon exiting the vehicle, officers said he fled on foot, running in front of a vehicle and through an intersection.

According to the report, Dalley then slipped on ice and continued to flee despite the commands of the officers for him to stop. An officer then reportedly pushed Dalley to the ground in an attempt to arrest him, but he was still resisting arrest, according to the probable cause statement.

After being pushed to the ground, the report states that Dalley bounced off the ground, hitting one of the officers in the chest. He continued to fight with officers on the ground after commands to stop.

An officer had to strike Dalley multiple times in an attempt to gain compliance, according to the probable cause statement. After being placed in handcuffs, Dalley continued to resist arrest and would not comply with requests from law enforcement, the report said.

Once Dalley was placed in the police vehicle, officers were notified that a person who matched his description had left his bags at a nearby Chevron gas station.

Upon searching the bags, a wallet was reportedly located with someone else’s identification in it as well as several credit cards, Social Security cards, a fake $100 bill and a birth certificate.

Dalley claimed the wallet did belong to someone else but that he was going to return it, according to officers. While being transported to the Utah County Jail, he reportedly began changing his story.

Officers were able to find the owner of the credit cards and personal information, according to the report, and they had not given Dalley permission to have them.

Dalley was charged with felony forgery and the unlawful acquisition of a financial card without consent. He was also charged for interference with an arresting office, failure to stop at the command of law enforcement and assault against a police officer.

He is being held at the Utah County Jail on six misdemeanor charges and the two felony charges with an unknown amount of bail.