Judge Robert Lunnen initially ordered a moderate sentence for a man who sexually assaulted two young girls at knifepoint almost two years ago, until Marcos Barajas, 34, told the judge he wouldn’t be responsible “if something happens to those girls or to those f---ing officers or the prosecutors.”

“If you are going to sit here in front of this court and threaten the court, the police and the victims,” Lunnen said, “I’m going to run each and every one of these sentences consecutive.”

Instead of serving 30 years on five felonies, the judge sentenced Barajas to serve at least 65 years in prison before a possible parole hearing.

“You’re a danger to the community for what happened,” Lunnen said during the sentencing on Tuesday.

In July, a jury determined Barajas was guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault and two counts of aggravated kidnapping, all first-degree felonies.

He will serve 15 years to life for each count and zero to five years on another first-degree aggravated robbery charge.

Barajas was also found guilty of three class B misdemeanors for criminal mischief and domestic violence in front of a child. The judge determined the time Barajas served in jail was a sufficient sentence for the misdemeanors.

After serving the required prison time, Barajas will be deported to Mexico again. He had already been deported for previous crimes at least five times and continued to illegally re-enter the country.

“I don’t think Mr. Barajas cares or can imagine the damage he has done to so many lives,” said Carl Hollan, Utah County deputy prosecutor. “He does not care about the harm that he caused.”

In October 2017, Barajas was living temporarily with a family member and entered an upstairs bedroom where he was not allowed, according to the charges.

He was reportedly intoxicated as he held two girls at knifepoint with a 9-inch long knife and threatened to kill them. He sexually assaulted the girls and moved the weapon near their heads.

Charges state the girls resisted and Barajas fled the scene with one of their phones. The mother then locked all the doors to keep Barajas from returning, and ordered all the children in the home to hide in the bedroom.

She then locked and barricaded the bedroom door as Barajas reportedly broke a sliding glass door and entered the home again, Hollan said during the sentence.

“I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the mother in that room,” he added.

Police officers arrested Barajas as he tried to enter the bedroom again with the knife and glass sticking from his arms where he broke the door.

In a letter, one of the girl’s mothers said her daughter has changed since the assault and she misses her smile and laughter.

“She has nightmares keeping her up at night,” the mother said. “For 22 months, these girls and their families have been in their own living hell.”

In January 2018, Barajas was charged with two third-degree felony charges of retaliation against a victim after he saw a family member of the girls and “began yelling at the victim’s family member in Spanish which scared the victim’s family member” before a court hearing.

During the testimony of one of the girls, he also “stood up and called the victim a liar. As (Barajas) was being removed from the courtroom, he made lunging movements toward the victim. The victim was upset and began to cry.”

He is also serving a zero to five year sentence for another third-degree felony after he reportedly threw urine in the face of a Utah County deputy.

Ashley Stilson covers crime, courts and breaking news for the Daily Herald. She can be reached at 801-344-2556 or astilson@heraldextra.com.

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