A 20-year-old man from Texas was brought to safety by search and rescue teams after he became stranded on an ice field left by an avalanche this past winter on Mount Timpanogos on Sunday, according to Sgt. Spencer Cannon with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

The team reached the man at about 11 a.m., but it took a while to find and reach him, Cannon said. Search and rescue got the man back down the mountain at about 2:30 p.m.

Cannon said the 911 call came in a little before 9 a.m. He added that most of the time when people call 911, the caller’s location can be picked up, but in remote areas like a mountain, the signal isn’t as strong, which makes finding the caller more difficult.

The man was “maybe not perfectly well prepared, but he did do important things right” to get rescued, Cannon tweeted.

Cannon said the man was most likely unfamiliar with the area and thought he was still on or near the trail, when in reality he was far off from the trail when he was found.

“Snow will be on or around the Timp trail throughout the year,” Cannon said. “Having to cross snow is not uncommon at all. We’ll likely have several more calls this season.”