The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is looking for information that could lead to the arrest of an individual they say shot and killed a dog in Eagle Mountain.

According to a press release by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to an Eagle Mountain residence Saturday afternoon after a man called dispatch to report that his dog had been shot.

The dog, a 4-year-old mini-Doberman named Lucky, was owned by the man’s 4-year-old daughter. The man and his daughter were in their backyard when he heard what he thought were fireworks.

Not long after, Lucky ran to the man, who could immediately see that the dog had been shot, according to the press release. The man looked out from his backyard to see two men a short distance away near the end of the cul-de-sac on Eagle Top Court.

The man told deputies he believed the two men he saw were responsible for the shooting of Lucky. Rather than pursue the suspects, the man elected to take Lucky to a veterinarian to be treated, but despite emergency medical treatment, Lucky died from his wounds.

When deputies arrived on scene, they followed the blood trail from the owner’s home to the backyard of a home on Eagle Top Court, according to the press release.

“While there may have been a violation for the dog not being on leash or in its owner’s yard, it was not a situation where one would be justified in shooting a dog,” Utah County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Spencer Cannon said. “There are situations that would be.”

Cannon referenced an incident that occurred on March 11 in Vineyard where a local man shot and killed his neighbor’s dog after it entered the home owners’ backyard and attacked their Australian Shepherd. In that case, the owners of the Australian Shepherd attempted to pull their dog away from the attacking dog, which would not let go, according to a press release.

The man shot the attacking dog three times, and the dog died as a result of being shot. The owner of the Australian Shepherd was not charged as officials stated he acted lawfully in shooting the attacking dog. The owners of the attacking dog were issued a citation for allowing a vicious dog to run at large, which is a class B misdemeanor.

In Utah, it is legal for someone to shoot a dog if it is attacking a domesticated animal or wildlife. However, individuals who lawfully shoot a dog are required to consider the safety of others in the area and the proximity of homes or other people who may be at risk.

While the Vineyard incident was done lawfully, Cannon said deputies do not believe the June 12 incident in Eagle Mountain was lawful.

“We have no information that there was a threat by the dog against anyone or anyone’s property,” he said.

In this case, Cannon said any individuals involved in the fatal shooting of Lucky could face charges related to animal abuse or cruelty in addition to any firearm charges that may be involved, including discharging a firearm within city limits.

Deputies have not yet been able to make an arrest in the case but are asking that anyone who lives on Golden Eagle Road, Eagle Top Court or Ute Drive who has security or doorbell footage showing anyone walking or driving by between 3-4 p.m. on June 12 to contact Detective Dallin Turner at (801) 851-4023.