A Lindon business owner accused of sexually assaulting one of his employees at his Provo home is facing more charges after he reportedly tried to destroy evidence related to the case.

Mukesh Bindraban, 61, was charged last week in 4th District Court with object rape and forcible sodomy, both first-degree felonies, and a second-degree felony of forcible sexual abuse.

He works as the owner and manager of a convenience store located in Lindon, according to court documents. He reportedly invited a 23-year-old employee to his home in Provo on Christmas evening and sexually assaulted her.

A few days later, police reported Bindraban tried to get another employee to throw away evidence that “corroborated (the woman’s) account and contradicted his own,” charges state.

He reportedly gave “detailed instructions” to the employee on where to find a whiskey bottle and to throw the item away in a dumpster behind the convenience store.

The employee later helped investigators retrieve the bottle.

Court documents state Bindraban also asked another employee to conceal or remove another piece of physical evidence related to the sexual assault charges he is facing.

The Provo Police Department determined the 23-year-old employee was scheduled to work on Christmas evening when Bindraban asked her to come to his home before her shift.

“The (woman) went to defendant’s residence in Provo thinking that he wanted to talk to her about work or that he had her new uniform for her,” charges state.

Instead, Bindraban reportedly tried to get her to drink whiskey with him and became hostile when she resisted. Charges state he also made sexual advances and mentioned he would promote the woman at work.

When the employee said she needed to get to work, Bindraban reportedly called another employee to work the shift.

“The (woman) tried to resist defendant’s advances but he became belligerent and (she) was afraid of what he might do,” according to charges.

To appease Bindraban, the woman drank a little alcohol and noticed several guns in the home including a shotgun by the front door, a loaded Smith and Wesson handgun near the television and another gun underneath a couch where Bindraban was sitting.

At some point, she was able to go to the restroom and set her cellphone to record the 50-minute encounter where Bindraban sexually assaulted her as she told him no and tried to leave.

“(She) said that she imagined that if she tried to fight Mukesh and make him stop, she envisioned herself running from the house with him shooting a gun at her as she ran,” police reported.

The woman also stated she wanted to be more forceful and fight back to make Bindraban stop the assault but she worried he would harm or kill her.

“(She) relayed to me the fear she felt if she were to object more sternly, or if she were to try and run,” the responding officer wrote in the report.

Officers obtained the phone recording and arrested Bindraban on Dec. 28. He was reportedly carrying a loaded gun when he was arrested and is being held without bail.

Ashley Stilson covers crime, courts and breaking news for the Daily Herald. She can be reached at 801-344-2556 or astilson@heraldextra.com.

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