A Saratoga Springs woman was arrested Friday in Highland for reportedly threatening a man with a gun and recklessly trying to evade police.

According to the probable cause statement filed in support of the arrest, Lone Peak police officers arrested Katherine Parker, 42, after they were dispatched to a residence on an assault call. In the residence, Parker reportedly pointed a gun at her brother and threatened him, saying “I’m going to shoot you!”

Parker fled the scene in a red minivan before officers arrived, according to the statement. Officers eventually located Parker driving the minivan north on 6000 West in Highland and initiated a stop, but Park reportedly failed to stop.

Police report Parker drove recklessly while trying to evade officers, including running red lights and exceeding the speed limit. Officers deployed stop sticks, or spikes, to stop Parker’s vehicle.

Police obtained a warrant to search Parker’s minivan and located the handgun in the vehicle, the statement said.

In the report, police assert Parker is a danger to her brother because she allegedly has an extensive assault history with him, and because during the most recent incident, she seemed to be willing to act on her threats. Police also assert in the report that the court should order Parker to have no contact with her brother.

Parker was arrested under suspicion of third-degree felony aggravated assault, third-degree felony failure to respond to officers’ signal to stop, and class B misdemeanor reckless driving.

According to the report, Parker has no prior convictions but does have pending actions with the Division of Child and Family Services.