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Pau Za Thawn

At approximately 1:55 a.m. on Wednesday, Lehi police officers were dispatched after a 7-Eleven employee reported that a white Jeep left the area driving on the wrong side of the road.

As officers arrived in the area, the white Jeep was observed parked at a gas pump at a Holiday gas station. Following a records check, according to the probable cause statement, the license plate came back as being a stolen vehicle out of Murray.

While following the vehicle out of the gas station, additional law enforcement officers were requested and the vehicle continued to slow down and then speed up.

The driver, later identified as 32-year-old Pau Za Thawn of Salt Lake City, was reportedly unable to stay in one lane and once the law enforcement’s emergency lights were activated Thawn came to a stop.

According to the probable cause statement, officers pointed their guns at the driver’s side of the car and gave commands for Thawn to exit the vehicle. Thawn allegedly then continued driving, swerving back and forth, running into a curb and failing to yield.

Thawn then reportedly quickly accelerated, leaving at a very high rate of speed. After officers pursued once again, Thawn came to a stop and reversed to collide with a law enforcement vehicle.

According to reports, he came to a stop after being blocked by a large gate, and officers once again drew their pistols and pointed them at the driver’s side of the vehicle while giving commands to Thawn. After he allegedly continued to not comply, a sheriff’s officer used a pepper ball and Thawn was removed from the vehicle.

Thawn reportedly had a cut lip and dried blood around his mouth. Officers also reportedly found paperwork in the car about Thawn recently being released from the Salt Lake County Jail.

Because Thawn is believed to be a flight risk, he was booked into the Utah County Jail without bail on charges of receive or transfer of a stolen vehicle, resisting arrest, failing to stop at the command of police, failure to remain at the scene of the accident, and driving under the influence.