EAGLE MOUNTAIN -- Think multi-family yard sale in extra large proportions, and that is the size of a yard sale planned in Eagle Mountain on Sept. 14. 

OK, maybe not extra large, probably more like humongous.

With a population more than 22,000, the city's residents and businesses are participating in the citywide event. It's free and the city is marketing the event.

"The response has been incredibly positive. Everyone I talk to is extremely excited about the idea and what it will do for all those involved," said Kevin Graves, economic development board chairman.

The municipality is using a mapping system provided by www.emutah.com, which Scott Holdsworth owns.

"We can't thank him enough for the time he has volunteered," Graves said. 

That mapping system is offering a unique opportunity to Eagle Mountain residents and business owners. They can register their yard sale at yardsales.emutah.com. A map of sale locations will be posted on the city website and publicized by the city. City clean-up dumpsters also will be provided on this date from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

"Those who register their sale can upload photos of items they're selling, making it similar to the popular yard sale pages on Facebook." said Linda Peterson, Eagle Mountain spokeswoman. 

All the registered locations will display on one map and people can click on the different addresses to see what is being sold there. Those who have registered their yard sale also have the option to choose a charity to donate items that didn't sell and the charity will contact the resident to arrange a pick-up of those items.  

The program will allow retail businesses as well as home-based businesses the ability to promote themselves, and the citywide yard sale works for residents as well. 

"We are also encouraging owners of home-based businesses to use this as an opportunity to promote their business," she said. 

"Last I checked we had over 200 licensed home-based businesses in the city. Many of those could benefit from this type of free promotional opportunity," Peterson said.

Graves came up with the idea to help those couple hundred home businesses thrive.

"The challenge was coming up with ideas that would work for all businesses which could be reasonably implemented. After a lot of brainstorming it occurred to me that a citywide yard sale would be a perfect fit," Graves said. 

As the economic development board chairman, Graves approached the board members with the idea and they recognized its benefit to businesses and residents alike. 

Eagle Mountain staff supported the idea, and especially Peterson, Ikani Taumoepeau and the economic development board members pitched in to help. 

"There is no way this could have become a reality without all their incredible support," Graves said. 

Eagle Mountain will not be the first city in the United States to have such an all-encompassing sale, but for a city its size it may be the first in Utah.

"I was wondering if any other cities had thought of it. Linda Peterson did some quick research and came across a few other cities in other states that had done a citywide yard sale, but nothing in Utah," Graves said. 

According to the El Cerrito Wire, the small city of El Cerrito, Calif., has had an annual fall garage sale in October since the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. After the earthquake, inspectors wanted to check the foundations of homes in the city but couldn't get in the garages because many residents in El Cerrito had garages packed full. 

Marianne Hegeman got the idea of a citywide sale to help residents empty out those garages and the city sponsored its first citywide garage sale in 1990. El Cerrito city leaders found the citywide garage sale not only uncluttered the garages, it also promoted reuse of items, provided the opportunity to participate in a community activity and neighbors got to know neighbors. 

Graves said the citywide sale is a win for businesses, creating traffic and interest in what Eagle Mountain has to offer its community. City staffers are advertising with local media, the municipal website, social media and other online venues.

"Times are tough and we want to do everything we can to show support for our businesses.  We also want to show prospective businesses looking at Eagle Mountain that we are vested in their success and that we can be extremely creative in coming up with out-of-the-box ideas to accomplish a winning scenario on multiple fronts," he said.  

-- Cathy Allred covers 11 cities and towns in north Utah County and is responsible for Our Towns announcements. Send your school, civic, city and business news to northutahcountynews@gmail.com for Daily Herald publication. You can follow her blog at NorthUtahCounty.com.
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