PROVO - Pedestrians enjoying an evening in downtown Provo were treated to some additional visual stimulation on Friday as students from Tatiana Svrckova's new genre class at BYU displayed art projects of various forms along Center Street.

This was the second such display of street art by Svrckova's class, exactly six months after her first experimental attempt, and she enjoys seeing passers-by interact with the art and see something they may not usually look for.

"It's a good way to introduce people to contemporary art. A lot of the time this form of art is in galleries, but many people just don't go to see it," she said.

Seventeen students from two of her classes participated and each was graded on concept, execution and documentation of the piece.

Student Lindsey Robbins worked carefully on creating an intricate pattern on the sidewalk using 40 pounds of salt.

"I have a salt deficiency, so that was my inspiration. It's outside the pharmacy because it basically is my medicine," Robbins said while taking a break.

Other projects included patterns on the sidewalk using tape, chalk, tiles and rocks that were picked up from the street, painted and replaced in a more noticeable form.

"People get a chance to experience some of our art and we get the experience of showing it," said student Clair Lewis who, along with Laura Varella, hung a woven, dreamcatcher-like piece between a tree and a lamppost.