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Brigham Young University students pass by an entrance sign as they make their way toward campus during the first day of classes for Fall Semester on Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2019, in Provo. Isaac Hale, Daily Herald

Six rapes were reported at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University last year, according to safety reports released from both institutions.

Institutions of higher education are required to release annual campus safety reports by Oct. 1 under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime and Statistics Act, giving a snapshot at the crimes that are reported on campus or on property adjacent to it.

There were three rapes on BYU’s campus in 2018, according to its 2019 report. There were 17 reports of groping, with two happening in residence halls and one on non-campus property.

There were two aggravated assaults reported to have occurred on campus, one on non-campus property and one on public property in 2018, along with two reported burglaries in residence halls, five motor vehicle thefts on campus and four motor vehicle thefts on public property.

There were five hate crimes reported on campus last year, including two reports of intimidation based on race, one case of reported intimidation based on religion and one based on ethnicity. There was one report of destruction, damage or vandalism of property based on race during the same time.

In 2018, there were five reports of domestic violence, one report of dating violence and 30 reports of stalking on campus. During the same time, there were four reports of dating violence on public property, one report of stalking on non-campus property and one report of stalking on public property.

There were three arrests for drug law violations on campus.

“Brigham Young University is committed to making the campus a safe and secure environment in which everyone, from students to faculty and staff, can successfully achieve their goals,” Julie Franklin, BYU’s vice president of student life, said in the report. “This Annual Security Report is just one way BYU helps students and employees create a safe place to live, work, and learn.”

In 2017 there were three reported rapes, seven reported incidences of groping, one reported hate crime, three reports of domestic violence, two reports of dating violence and 26 reports of stalking. There were also no reported aggravated assaults, seven reported burglaries and five reported motor vehicle thefts.

At UVU, there were two rapes reported on non-campus property, one reported rape on campus, three reported gropings on-campus and one reported groping on non-campus property in 2018, according to the university’s 2019 annual security report. During the same year, there was one reported of aggravated assault on non-campus property, one report of burglary on campus and one report of a motor vehicle theft on campus.

There were two reports of domestic violence on campus, one report of dating violence on campus, five reports of stalking on campus and two reports of stalking on non-campus property.

There were 14 arrests for drug violations, with five happening on campus, eight on non-campus property and one on public property. There were nine arrests for liquor law violations, with five happening on campus and four occurring on non-campus property.

There were no hate crimes reported at UVU in 2018.

“We take student safety at UVU very seriously, and have a variety of protocols and services to keep everyone safe,” Scott Trotter, a spokesman for UVU, said in an emailed statement. “One is this report, because you can’t fix something if you don’t know what it is, and how much there is. However, although we have low numbers, one sexual assault is one too many. These numbers represent our students, and we take all of this very personally and seriously.”

In 2017, there were two reported rapes, 10 reports of groping, one report of aggravated assault, two burglaries and one motor vehicle theft. There was also one report of dating violence, 10 of stalking, 28 arrests for drug violations and five arrests for liquor law violations.