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BYU Entrance Sign.

FreeBYU has filed another complaint against Brigham Young University claiming the university practices religious discrimination against its students.

"FreeBYU previously made similar complaints to the university's regional accreditor and our law school's accreditor," said Todd Hollingshead, a university spokesperson, in an email Friday. "With those two complaints having been rejected, apparently it has now turned its attention to another organization. As with the previous complaints, we remain confident that we are in full compliance."

The group received confirmation Thursday that the NCAA received a complaint it filed against the university, according to FreeBYU spokesperson Brad Levin.

The group states the university discriminates against student athletes who enter BYU as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but then change their faith, by expelling them.

In August, the American Bar Association closed a discrimination complaint FreeBYU had lodged against the BYU law school. FreeBYU originally filed the religious discrimination complaint against the J. Reuben Clark Law School in October 2015. Weeks after the complaint was filed, BYU updated its honor code to include that observation of the honor code is enough grounds to warrant an exception to BYU’s ecclesiastical endorsement requirement, a process a university spokesperson said at the time students previously had the right to undergo.

But FreeBYU has said those changes aren’t enough and aren’t being practiced.

“We have not heard of a single successful application of exemption that was granted,” Levin said.

He said FreeBYU has heard of students being discouraged from applying for an exception and that LDS bishops are told exceptions are rarely, if ever, granted.

Levin said FreeBYU would like to see a change to the honor code similar to what is written about sexual orientation. The honor code states that same-gender attraction isn’t a breach of the honor code, but that homosexual behavior is.

The complaint also reads that BYU discriminates against those in the LGBTQ community by forbidding homosexual behavior.

“BYU treats LGBTQ student-athletes and staff unfairly by holding them to different standards of behavior and by formally punishing them for behavior that is permitted for heterosexual and cisgender students and staff,” the letter reads.

Cisgender is a term sometimes used to describe people who are not transgender.

The acknowledgement of the complaint does not mean an investigation has been launched. Levin said the group is waiting to hear what steps will be taken, if any.

Braley Dodson covers health and education for the Daily Herald.

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