They’re back.

Brigham Young University students returned to classes Monday, bringing about the end of the first days of school for local major educational entities.

“It’s definitely an exciting time every year when they come back to campus,” said Angela Blomquist, the communications coordinator for student leadership at the university. “The atmosphere definitely changes.”

The university will welcome students back with two weeks worth of events this year. Y-Weeks kicked off Monday with food trucks in Brigham Square, which had to get special approval to be there by BYU. Tuesday, there will be a DJ and snacks in the square, and Wednesday there will be free cookies, chocolate milk and other items between the library and the Wilkinson Student Center. Thursday, there will be a spikeball tournament in Brigham Square, followed by a barbecue on Friday.

The second week of Y-Weeks will include a clubs night and a talent show. It will end 8 p.m. Friday with Fall Fest, a fall-themed party in Brigham Square.

Y-Weeks aims to incorporate this year’s theme of “Remember the Y.” Throughout the year, there will be activities incorporating the theme, including an event where students can write sticky notes of why they came to BYU, and upperclassmen can write notes to remember why they are there.

Another campaign being put on by BYU this year is “Rep the Y,” which encourages school spirit at athletic events.