Springville High 01

The current Springville High School campus was constructed in 1968 and will remain open as construction begins on a new campus in 2024.

After the Springville City Council voted to move ahead with plans for the new Springville High School, the Nebo School District Board of Education followed suit.

The board approved the plan on Wednesday night during its board meeting, moving the process along.

As both the city and the district have signed off on the plans, the design process will begin with architects helping to figure out the placement of various items on the property, including athletic fields, parking and the new high school building.

“We’re going to continue to make tweaks for a better design than what we are working with now,” said Lana Hiskey, Nebo School District spokesperson. “Nebo School District really enjoys the relationship with Springville City, the Gammell family (which owns some of the land involved), and being able to bring all of these parties together. Going forward, these inter-local agreements between Springville City and the Nebo School District are really going to be beneficial because we serve the same population.”

There is still time before the targeted start of construction in early 2024, allowing for weekly meetings with secondary people that include members of the community, teachers, parents, athletics staff and more.

The plan also involves school resuming at the existing site while construction starts on the new high school.

“We still have to hold school for the two years under construction, so they would be going to the current building or parts of the building during this construction,” Hiskey said. “We needed the fields next to the property to be able to pull this off and stay in the same location. Where some of the fields are now, like the football field, that will be where the building will be constructed. Once that’s all constructed we will move forward and come back to parking.”

She added that the parking situation at the high school may be tough come the start of construction, but stressed patience within the community.

The over 50-year-old high school requires some improvements technologically wise, and the new site will bring those improvements along with it.

While there are various pieces to the puzzle that will become Springville High School, Hiskey said that the school district is still on budget with the project. The district planned for a rise in the cost, but capital funds are being used on top of bond funds to help offset the added costs.

“We hope that this high school continues to be an icon in the community of Springville,” Hiskey said. “Not only for our students and our future leaders but we hope that also our community members will enjoy it just as much.”

There is some excitement in the community, according to Hiskey, and while the project is in the early phases, the district is hoping to be good partners with the community.

As for the next step, Hiskey said that the design phase will take months to work through the plans and make adjustments as needed. The progressions of the project will be available on the Nebo School District website and if anyone has any questions, Hiskey said they could call the district.

“We just really enjoy our relationships there (Springville), and we think it will be for the best for the community,” Hiskey said.