Next year’s first day of school is going to look different for some of the Nebo School District’s sixth- and seventh-graders.

The district will begin transitioning sixth- and seventh-grade students to middle schools next year, starting with the future students of Mt. Nebo and Valley View middle schools.

The change comes about as the construction on Valley View Middle School reaches the halfway point, signaling the first of multiple schools that will be built using funds from the district’s 2018 bond. The district chose to return to a middle school, direct-feeder model after surveying parents across the district.

“Parents are ecstatic that we are going to the middle school model,” said Lana Hiskey, the spokeswoman for the Nebo School District.

Walls are going up and the roof is partially complete at Valley View Middle School, located at 340 S. Woodland Hills Drive in Salem. Construction started in February and came to a stop for 15 days this spring due to wet conditions. The delay is not expected to impact the school’s constructions schedule, and the roof is expected to be complete by Christmas.

When complete next fall, the school will have four, two-story classroom wings.

Construction on Maple Grove Middle School, in the Maple Mountain High School area, and Spring Canyon Middle School, which will be in the Springville High School area, will begin next year.

The $298 million bond also includes rebuilds of Spanish Fork, Springville and Payson high schools. Construction on the high schools is expected to begin in 2022, with one high school project starting a year.

Hiskey said the district is currently looking at detailed plans for Spanish Fork High.

The new schools will have updated technology and security.

“These high schools will definitely be better for students,” Hiskey said.

The projects are expected to come in at the budgeted bond amounts, Hiskey said, despite rising costs across Utah County.

“At this point, we are confident,” Hiskey said. “We actually planned for a slight increase in construction costs and we also secured bids and pricing early on.”

About 33,500 students returned to classes on Monday in the Nebo School District. Hiskey said some schools rolled out a literal red carpet for students. The new school year also brought about additional digital coaches for the district and a new theme, “Discover the Power Within.”

The Nebo School District is the second Utah County school district to begin school this fall. Alpine School District will begin classes Tuesday.