Provo City School District western land purchase provided photo

A map shows the land Provo City School District intends to purchase in west Provo.

The Provo City School District Board of Education voted Tuesday evening to approve the purchase of land that could be used as the site for a future school or the new location of Dixon Middle School, if the board were to approve the school’s relocation.

The board voted to approve the purchase of 12 acres on 890 South near Footprinter Park for about $1.5 million. The district already owns 8.98 acres adjacent to the property.

The board has not yet voted to relocate the school.

“This doesn’t mean Dixon is going there,” said Caleb Price, spokesman for the district. “The board hasn’t made any decisions.”

Dixon Middle School’s potential relocation was brought up last year by the district’s Facility Advisory Committee, with the committee suggesting the Footprinter Park location as its preferred relocation site.

Price said there are no specific plans currently in place for the property and that the district has kept an eye out for land as it becomes available on Provo’s western side.

“In Provo, there’s not a whole lot of land available, so as you’re looking to the future as to what projections are, anytime land becomes available it is something to look at, especially on the west side,” Price said.

He said the site was desirable to the district because of its location on the west side and its proximity to property the district already owns.

An agenda item for the purchase notes that the site could be used as the location for a future school or as the replacement site for an existing one.

The land is located about 1.3 miles from Dixon Middle School.

Dixon Middle School was built in 1931 of mostly wood or reinforced blocks. The school sits on 8.25 acres, much smaller than the 15 to 20 acres middle schools are typically built on. That small footprint means a rebuild at the current site would be both a difficult and expensive process.

A potential rebuild and relocation of Dixon Middle School could be on an upcoming bond that the board could vote to place on the November ballot. The bond could also be used to rebuild Timpview High School in some capacity, rebuild Wasatch Elementary School and add an addition to Westridge Elementary School.

The scope of the projects on a potential bond, along with its price tag, have not been decided.

The board will meet with the public to receive information and input on a potential bond at 7 p.m. March 26 in the gymnasium of Rock Canyon Elementary School.