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'Crisis' in first responders' mental health gets legislative airing

Retired Ogden Police Chief Randy Watt urged state legislators Wednesday to address what he and others described as a mental health crisis that is ravaging many of Utah’s first responders. Watt said a mental health program created by a South Ogden company identified 78 “red flag” cases among Ogden’s police and firefighters. “Suicides, broken marriages, failed families,” he said. Before, he said, “We hadn’t done very much of a job at all to deal with those things.” Ogden contracted with Previdence Corp. to provide a screening and treatment program for personnel afflicted ...







Horoscopes for Thursday, Oct. 7

Happy Birthday: Set high goals, and stretch your imagination to include things you have only dreamed about doing. You will find a way to far exceed your expectations. Plunge into the unknown, gather information and pour your energy into doing the extraordinary and mastering skills that will ...