Luminaria is lighting up Thanksgiving Point for yet another holiday season, but this year the attraction is more interactive than ever.

“This year we wanted to make things more interactive, so instead of just seeing lights, people can participate with them,” said Amanda Lundberg, signature experiences manager at Thanksgiving Point.

Most of the hands-on experiences take place at Luminaria Village, formerly Reindeer Woods, which is the attraction’s main hub along the one-mile walk. There, visitors can test their accuracy at Santa ski ball, create a composition with light and sound with the Snowflake Symphony, and plug in their own designs with colorful dots on Lite-Brite inspired light boards.

Additionally along the way, visitors can walk along pathways of changing lights as part of an art installation, called Aqueous, from the Jen Lewin Studio. The installation from the New York City-based studio will only be at Luminaria for this year, according to Lundberg. Near the Winter Wonderland section along the latter half of the main pathway, visitors can spin intricately-designed lanterns of light, and also pet reindeer and warm up near fire pits.

“If you came last year, you’re not going to see all the same things,” said Lundberg.

According to Lundberg, Luminaria uses approximately 1,000,000 lights, features a 120-foot tree of lights and uses 30 of the 55 acres of the Ashton Gardens. For more information about tickets and hours, visit the attraction’s website at