One Tight Team: Lone Peak plays annual Powder Puff game

Football players take on the role of cheerleaders as they perform a half-time show during the annual Powder Puff football game at Lone Peak High School on Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013. SPENSER HEAPS/Daily Herald

Football players and cheerleaders traded places Thursday night at Lone Peak High School for the annual Powder Puff football game. While the girls duked it out in a game of flag football, the guys donned tight-fitting cheer outfits and did their best to entertain the crowd despite cold and wet weather.

"I'm just cheering my team on," said Caden Cluff. "It's cold, but I'm enduring the weather and I love it. I love cheering."

There was no sign of any self-consciousness as the guys performed an elaborately choreographed half-time show complete with a lot of booty shaking, splits, flips and cartwheels. While the girls fit easily into oversized football jerseys, the guys seemed to have a more challenging time getting into their cheerleader outfits.

"Our girlfriends supplied them," Jake Ebert said of the uniforms. "I'm just kidding, I don't have a girlfriend, but I wish I did... Some spots are a little tight; I'm not going to say where."

"My armpits are chaffing quite heavily," Cluff added, "but we're here to have fun."

On the field, the senior cheerleaders faced off against the juniors in a game of flag football that included more than a couple tackles. Completed receptions were few and far between, but running plays were used to great effect.

"Hopefully we can win it this year," said senior cheerleader Ali Pitts, "we didn't win it last year."

Pitts said the guys were doing a pretty good job as cheerleaders.

"Some of them need a little bit more clothing for how cold it is," she observed. "But it worked out great, they're loving it... We might have to recruit them for the actual team."

The role reversal seemed to be a good experience for everyone involved, Pitts added.

"It's just fun ... but I think we see how hard the football players work and they see how hard the cheerleaders work," she said. "It's kind of a win-win."

-- Spenser Heaps is a staff photographer covering everything from community events to breaking news to portraits.
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