STK - Mail

Lehi resident Julie Burr said she began using the Lehi post office more frequently when she started her own business six years ago. Burr, who works as a newborn photographer, said she depends on the Lehi post office to ship items to clients.

But the quality of service she’s seen has been lagging.

“I have lost more packages this past year through them than I have my entire six years in business,” said Burr. “I’m sure it’s because there’s no space. It’s irritating.”

Burr said she’s observed piles of mail next to employees’ desks and a bin in the lobby for people who are dropping packages off.

Recently, an employee who works at the Lehi post office took to Facebook and claimed the Lehi post office was too small to handle the mail flow of three cities. The post, which has since been deleted, claimed employees had to climb over packages to get to the water fountain and bathroom, and there was no room in the post office to keep employees from “having to put mail outside.”

“It’s this tiny small town post office. I try to use their automated little stand they have in there, because the lines are always so long, even during off hours,” Burr said.

Aside from Lehi, the Lehi post office also serves Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. The three cities combined have nearly 120,000 residents, according to the U.S. Census projections. This is comparable to Provo’s population of about 116,000. Provo has two post offices, as does the next largest city in the county, Orem.

David Johnson, public relations and economic development director for Saratoga Springs, said the city would welcome a post office, but it’s a decision that’s out of their hands.

“We would welcome a post office in Saratoga Springs but it’s a decision to be made by the post office,” Johnson said. “We are happy to work with them to figure something out.”

Johnson said Eagle Mountain officials expressed the same sentiment.

Cameron Boyle, assistant city administrator for Lehi, said city officials are aware that the information of the situation is being put out there.

“When it comes to even building a new post office, we don’t have the jurisdiction over that, or the ability to make that happen,” said Boyle.

Brian Sperry, a representative from USPS Corporate Communications, said the U.S. Postal Service is aware of the rapid growth in the Lehi, Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs area and that USPS continually reviews facilities and makes adjustments as necessary to ensure quality service.

“As a self-supporting agency, and given the financial challenges and declining mail volumes we face, the Postal Service must ensure that its limited capital resources are focused on critical projects and maintenance of our existing infrastructure,” Sperry said. “We also look to identify alternative solutions that will sustain our services for the immediate future.”

Sperry said post offices are placed at locations “deemed necessary to ensure that regular and effective postal services are available to all customers,” and that they are actively looking at the current location in Lehi to “see what, if any, changes may be necessary to accommodate employee and customer needs.”

The Lehi post office currently employees 120 people and employee safety is a top priority, according to Sperry.

“We will continue to ensure the facility is safe for our employees to work and address any concerns our employees may have,” Sperry said.

Sperry recommends visiting the American Fork Post Office, which is located 3 miles away from the Lehi post office, or the contract postal units located in Ridley’s Highland and Eagle Mountain locations.