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LEHI -- Micron is set on creating its own business microtopia to complement the growing trend of what is becoming a central convergence of high-tech businesses in north Lehi.

The master-planned community site is 844 acres west of the semiconductor manufacturer's campus and is designed to attract businesses that support and are based in the latest technology providing for 20,000 to 24,000 employees and 3,000 residents.

"This area is ultimately going to be very attractive to corporate operations, Fortune 500 companies, software companies, user facilities, administrative offices and supportive manufacturing," said Dennis Raney of PrimeMark Advisors for Micron.

Raney made a presentation on Dec. 11 to the Lehi City Council for property north of Timpanogos Highway between 500 West and Highland Boulevard for a residential, commercial and business park community. The council members unanimously approved the area plan. The corporation doesn't have a timeline yet, but he said it would likely move forward first with constructing the business offices.

"We believe this development will clearly identify Lehi as the leading employment center for technology, professional and administrative leaders of the future economy," Raney said. IM Flash Tech's "investment on the east end of this project, along with Adobe's investment on the property to the west, is an early, important validation of this development's direction."

Buildout for the massive project -- the largest Lehi development project to come to the planning table since Traverse Mountain revealed its area plan in 2001 -- is expected to take 25 to 30 years although its community impact has already begun.

"We are not going to have to wait 25 years for this to impact Lehi," Councilman Mark Johnson said. "The process that we are going through right now is going to start affecting Lehi immediately because what it's doing is it's another statement that Lehi is a technological hub in not only Utah but in the western United States. We're on the map."

An American multinational manufacturer of semiconductor memory devices, Micron dominates nearly 25 percent of the memory market against competitors such as Samsung, Toshiba and ScanDisk and shares its Lehi facility with IM Flash Technologies.

The property was initially intended as a buffer zone and for future expansion of the Micron plant. Raney said that he could really only speak for the property being developed not for Micron's future plans for its multibillion dollar campus.

"They have decided that is not going to happen," he said of expansion to the east.

The proposed land use is based on the concept of a workplace neighborhood with a mix of office, light industrial and residential uses located within walking distance of a retail and mixed-use area that Raney called the social heart of the plan. The central theme of the development is to create a leading Class A office development, attracting corporate and other quality office users.

The retail component created in a village setting is intended primarily to support the office and residential users on or near the site. The development at buildout will include 5 million square feet of office space, approximately 120 stores, two churches, one power substation, an elementary school and a middle school.

"This is really exciting. Ten years ago I would have never dreamed this would happen but then I never thought I would see an outlet mall in Lehi either, so this is really exciting to have this go forward," Lehi Councilwoman Kaye Collins said.

By the numbers

$6.5 million for power needs

5 million square feet office space

2 million gallons or 16.4 acre feet for water storage

20,000 to 25,000 employees

3,000 residents

844 acres total

323 condo/apartment units

235.8 acres office space

195 single family homes

147 town homes

120 stores

60 acres technical manufacturing

30 years to build out

28.6 MW estimated peak power load at build out

9 new detention ponds

2 church buildings

1 new power substation, 2 bay

1 middle school

1 elementary school