FILE - 7-Eleven

The Lehi City Planning Commission approved a proposed concept plan last Thursday to build a 7-Eleven gas station at 2100 N. 2300 West in Lehi, at an existing commercial zoning.

At Thursday night’s meeting, the commission made a motion to approve the request from Logan Johnson, of Wright Development Group, after tabling the issue back in June.

Public concern arose with some claiming that the location is too close to local neighborhoods and residents fear benzene poisoning, which some studies have shown increases the likelihood of leukemia.

Wright Development Group issued a letter in 2017 that said they take every precaution for a safe and responsible project.

“The state is aware of the negative impacts of chemicals found in gasoline, including benzene,” it said in the letter. “They have regulations to limit the impact that gas stations have on nearby properties. The most pertinent regulation is called ‘Stage I Vapor Recovery.’ It is a control measure used to reduce the volume of fumes released into the air when an underground fuel tank is re-filled. The state has considered additional regulations but found that the projected reduction wasn’t worth the cost.”

Brian Orr, who lives in the neighborhood where the gas station will be built, said that he believes there is a better use for the land and that “if even one child ends up with leukemia, it’s too many.”

One Lehi resident, Michael Lewis, a software engineer, said the math doesn’t work the way some might think. He said that while one’s chances of getting leukemia does triple in three years, it’s still only a 2 in 10,000 chance.

“It still isn’t likely at all,” Lewis said.

David Woolsey said his family will be boycotting the gas station due to additional traffic problems in an area he calls “a poor location.”

Lehi City Attorney Craig Chambers said in June that he believes the planning commission members were opening the city to liability if they denied the request for the 7-Eleven.

A fence will be built to separate the neighborhood from the gas station.