Which parks are your favorites? How often do you use the trails and other recreation areas? What could be improved?

Lindon city leaders want to know the answers to these and other similar questions as they work to update the city’s parks and recreation master plan.

Lindon residents are being asked to take a preliminary survey in order to let their needs and wants known. According to Heath Bateman, parks and recreation director, a community parks and recreation master plan should provide a framework for planning, development and administration of the parks and recreation resources, programs and facilities.

The updated plan will help determine the level of service that should be provided to the residents as well as which amenities are needed. The plan will also include possible funding sources like grants and other options. The plan will serve as a guiding document for administrators and city council members for what the residents want to have in their city, Bateman said.

“Since our last plan update in 2008, the city has been able to check off many amenities that were listed in the old plan as needs for the city,” Bateman said. “All of these amenities help to make our community great.”

Examples of what could be included in the plan based on the responses of citizens are acreage of grass, types and frequency of playgrounds as well as recreation, exercise and leisure facilities. “It is always great to ask what the residents would like to have in the future as the city grows and matures,” Bateman said.

Currently, Lindon has almost 60 acres of irrigated parks with 11 pavilions and six parks and playgrounds. There are four baseball fields and many open areas for soccer, lacrosse, football and Frisbee, according to Bateman. The city has approximately 6 miles of improved trails.

Lindon residents enjoy the outdoors in the city. The Murdock Canal Trail and the Lindon Heritage Trail are both widely used by cyclists, joggers and families, according to Bateman. “The pickleball courts at Hollow Park are often full and all parks and playgrounds usually have families playing therein,” he said.

Currently, Lindon City Center Park, at 200 N. State St., is having its old playground replaced. This project is being funded by the PARC (Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture) tax. The updated park will have a much larger playground and play area, according to Bateman.

Additionally, Creekside Park, at 100 S. 600 West, is receiving a new playground, pavilion, trail and two new pickleball courts this upcoming spring. This project will be paid for in part by a grant from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

To participate in the preliminary survey, go to http://lindonrecreation.org.

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