Lights over Pleasant Grove

Lights form a star over the "G" on the side of the mountain overlooking Pleasant Grove in December. Now, David Hartle, the design's creator, is holding a contest for youth to come up new ideas for an upcoming light display on the mountain.

If you saw a giant bat formed with lights on “G” Mountain in Pleasant Grove during October and then a lighted star during December, you may be wondering what will be up there next.

In a few days, a new light design will be shining on the mountainside, but it will be one created by a local child. David Hartle, a Pleasant Grove resident who has designed the previous light creations, is holding a contest for children, hoping to light up their creativity.

“Kids are home from school, and designing it gives them a fun project to work on,” Hartle said. “It gives the kids and the community something fun to look forward to — to see a new design on the mountain.”

Hartle said that he is hoping this contest and the subsequent light design will temporarily take everyone’s minds off the stress of COVID-19 and the disruption of normal life. The idea of creating a design will allow youth to focus on something else. The winning design will be built by Hartle on the mountainside and will be at least 250 feet tall.

In December 2018, Hartle surprised local residents by placing lights in the shape of a 350-foot-tall star on the side of “G” Mountain, using 40 solar-powered lights. A year later, he created another star on the same mountainside that was 150 feet taller. That time, he used about 60 lights, which all stick into the ground. Hartle spends many hours designing, hiking, setting the lights and adjusting his creations. He first started the lighted designs to “bring a smile to people’s faces,” he said.

On his Facebook page, Hartle wrote that kids should grab their Lite-Brites or paper and markers — he uses both — to come up with a design using 50 lights or less. He will buy the top 10 designers a cupcake from Cravings Alisha’s Cupcakes in Pleasant Grove. The top two designs each will receive a $20 gift card to any store in Pleasant Grove. The overall winner’s design will be built on the mountain.

Entries are due by 5 p.m. Saturday. One entry per person is accepted, so designers should choose their favorites to submit. Some tips from Hartle include picking a design that people of all ages will enjoy, and picking a design that is not too intricate, as these are difficult to make look good on the mountain.

Photos of the entries can be submitted by texting Hartle at (801) 472-2111 or posting to his Facebook page in the comments below the contest announcement. A group of volunteers will choose the top 10. Hartle will post these on his Facebook page on Monday. There, he will leave instructions for people to vote for their favorite.

While the contest is only for those younger than 18 years old, the rest of the community can excitedly wait to see what the new design will be. By the end of next week, the winning design will be lit up on the mountain.