The North Canyon Road project is coming to an end 10 months after it was originally scheduled to be completed and a little more than a year after the project began.

Glen Tanner, Utah County associate public works director, said all that’s left to do is lay down the final layer of asphalt, which will then receive a surface treatment before the roads will be striped. He said the road is scheduled to be completed in mid-August, before the school year starts.

Originally a Utah Department of Transportation project, residents just wanted the road surface to be redone. However, Pleasant Grove city officials decided it would be a good time to update infrastructure as well — which included sewage, storm drains and adding a new data fiber line.

The infrastructure additions to the project made it extend past the original projected completion date of October 2018, because they had to be done before new asphalt could be laid down. It wouldn’t make sense to essentially build a new road and then tear it up to make infrastructure improvements, Tanner said.

According to a Facebook post from Councilwoman Cyd LeMone, a member of the Pleasant Grove City Council, there were additional slow-downs because the city determined road work completed last fall by Kilgore Construction was insufficient and “poorly done,” and needed to be repaved. LeMone clarified the city would not be paying for the repairs.

The two sections that needed extensive repair work along Canyon Road were the sections between 200 South and Center Street and between Center Street and 200 North.

Tanner said the road improvements, which also included sidewalk improvements, will make the road safer for both motorists and pedestrians, and the county simply asks for people to be patient, suggesting the work will be done much faster if people using the road during construction would drive much slower, so as to keep construction workers safe.

“We were given the responsibility to try and make (the road) safer and better,” he said.