Giving Christmas gifts

Just a few days before Christmas, a request was posted on social media and soon, dozens of replies matched up those in need with those in positions to help.

The post, titled “Last weekend before Christmas … Let’s help each other out!” was written on the Pleasant Grove Community Connection Facebook page on Dec. 20. The page has almost 8,000 members.

The post continued, “Any families in need that we can still help? What last minute gifts do you need? Post below and see if anyone has connections or details on what you’re looking for.”

Pleasant Grove Community Connection Facebook post: Christmas needs in the community

Pictured is a screenshot of a Facebook post by Cyd Lemone on Dec. 20 in the Pleasant Grove Community Connection public group. 

Within minutes, replies were posted with both requests for and offers of help. “I have a war veteran brother who could use some secret Santas,” one post reads. “I’m looking for Christmas Eve dinner for my family. This year was a little rough, if anyone knows where we could go,” reads another.

Other comments were offers for help. “I have a garbage-sized bag of mixed toys for anyone who needs them,” one resident wrote. “I have some size five diapers, if there is anyone with a need,” wrote another. Other comments included help for someone who had just experienced a house fire and requests for help locating certain gifts for loved ones and even offers of Christmas trees for those who did not have them.

“I thought it would be a positive way to use social media to help each other a few days before Christmas,” said Cyd LeMone, who wrote the original post. “What I thought would be a few people asking for toys or electronics, turned into basic needs that residents were asking for — everything from diapers to coats or shoes for their children.”

LeMone said that she was very surprised at the response. In total, there were over 140 comments and many included requests to privately message replies. “I thought that maybe there would be a couple of comments, but it quickly became a post filled with generosity and kindness from complete strangers helping each other,” LeMone said.

Many readers of the post acted quickly to help their fellow residents and even dropped items off for them.

“I did have a mom, who wanted to remain anonymous on the post, ask for warm clothes for her son and daughter. I posted on her behalf and within a day, items were dropped off at my home,” LeMone said.

The post, which ended up helping dozens of people, also seemed to spread the Christmas spirit. “I absolutely love this post,” reads one comment. “This post is just fabulous,” another commenter wrote.

“It really was amazing to see our community come together a few days before Christmas, even to help those who they didn’t know, to make sure their basic needs were met,” LeMone said.