Climbing the G hike to G Mountain in Pleasant Grove is a favorite pastime of many locals and visitors.

The trail is now safer and easier to use, thanks to about 200 volunteers who came out on Wednesday to help improve the trail. The service was part of an Eagle Scout project of 13-year-old Garrett Robinson.

Volunteers included Pleasant Grove High School’s baseball, wrestling and women’s basketball teams with their coaches, a local scout group, youth group and many community members.

Some volunteers worked the trail while others manned the pavilion, handing out snacks, keeping volunteers organized and providing first aid when needed.

“I feel relief that we’re finished because I’m tired,” Garrett said when the project was completed. “I’m grateful that all of these people came.”

Different groups of volunteers worked at various times throughout the day clearing overgrown weeds blocking portions of the trail, removing large rocks that were tripping hazards, trimming trees and cutting and hammering down pieces of rebar that had been placed there to keep rocks from sliding onto the trail. They also cleaned out culverts that were clogged with dirt, rocks and debris.

According to Ryan Robinson, Garrett’s father, some hikers came up the trail while volunteers were working. Later, when they came back down, they commented that they could tell that there was a difference and an improvement on the trail.

“It turned into a really cool community effort,” he said.

In addition to the many hours of work volunteers put into the project, many other community members and businesses donated to the effort. Food for volunteers, water, first aid kits, safety vests and other needed items were donated. Pleasant Grove city’s parks and recreation department loaned some tools for volunteers to use.

Garrett said he wanted to do this project because he lives near and uses the trail often and he wanted it to be usable to others.

“This is my mountain and I wanted to do it because I want to make it clean, so whoever comes up will think, ‘This is cleaner than it was last time,’” he said.

Garrett began planning the project months ago. Originally, he wanted to help upgrade the letter G that sits on the mountain. However, after meeting with Deon Giles, parks and recreation director, it was determined that that project would not be safe for community members to participate. However, there are tentative plans to upgrade the G in the future.

“We are working with the high school and engineers on a concept for improvements for the G,” Giles said. “Once a plan has been prepared, we will submit the proposal to the Forest Service for approval.”

According to Giles, Pleasant Grove city holds the special-use permit with the Forest Service for the G Trail and the G on the mountain.

According to Giles, the G was originally placed on the mountain decades ago by Pleasant Grove High School’s Class of 1921. The area was cleared and a G was framed, filled with rocks and whitewashed. In the spring of 1927, the G was lit up for the first time with torches. In 1978, the perimeter was poured with concrete. In 1986, the G was covered in aluminum slats, which are still there today.

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