PLEASANT GROVE -- If you found yourself with a speeding ticket in hand on Interstate 15 Wednesday morning, take heart -- you had a lot of company.

A Utah Highway Patrol speed trap blitz in the Pleasant Grove-American Fork area reminded motorists to watch their speeds.

"The I-15 corridor through Utah County can be troublesome," said. Lt. Rich Christianson, section commander for Utah County. "Speeds are increasing through the whole corridor."

During a three-hour speed blitz, UHP officers stopped 62 vehicles going northbound with the highest speed coming in at 96 mph. Christianson said they typically give some hedge room and wait until the driver is 15 mph over the speed limit. The speed limit in that area is 65 mph.

"We even had the electronic 'speed limit strictly enforced' sign going and they still were speeding," Christianson said. He noted that every time UHP does a blitz, they make sure the VMS signs on the overpasses are turned on in advance, warning drivers to slow down.

Christianson said the area between Spanish Fork and Lehi is still seeing an increased number of crashes. While other places like Provo Canyon have their troubles, Christianson said the new corridor is by far the worst.

The three things that contribute to more crashes are excessive speeds, following too close and aggressive drivers. Christianson also said that while cars are manufactured better and are safer in crashes, people still need to drive prudently.

Along with slowing down, Christianson is hoping drivers will remember to buckle up.

"Seatbelts are huge. Sixty percent of fatals not wearing seatbelts would be alive it they had buckled up," he said.

"We want people to just try and slow down voluntarily," Christianson said.

Sometimes that just doesn't work and UHP has to do things like the speeding blitz to remind residents where they are and that they must slow down.

Christianson said UHP will be running a monthly blitz at various locations along the corridor as a reminder to speeders. If you see the enforcement signs on the freeway, a blitz won't be too far down the road.

-- Genelle Pugmire covers Provo City, Provo School District, Orem City, UDOT’s I-15 CORE Project. She also tackles variety of other topics including business features. You can contact Genelle at

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