Valley Vista Trails 1

Volunteers worked on Valley Vista Trails in Pleasant Grove in 2016.

On Nov. 14, Pleasant Grove City Council members approved moving forward with researching what the costs would be to implement phase two of the Valley Vista Trails project. An anonymous donation of $140,000, coupled with an earlier donation of $10,000, could help make the expansion of the trails a reality.

Earlier this year, the trails system, which includes eight trails for a combined distance of about 5.5 miles, officially opened. The trails are frequented by hikers, cyclists, equestrians and trail runners. According to Jason Cowley, a resident who has helped to spearhead the project, approximately 400 people use the trails every week during the warmer seasons.

If phase two moves forward, the trails system will double in size and possibly add an additional 6 miles of trails. When the plans for phase one were done, the designer did preliminary mapping for phase two, but nothing is set in stone, according to Cowley.

Phase one begins about one-half mile north of Grove Creek Canyon and covers an area called Wade Springs. Phase two would extend north from the border of phase one to the border of Cedar Hills and from Bench Road on the east to Murdock Canal Trail on the west.

In May, at the trails’ ribbon cutting, it was announced that Brian Fruit, owner of Timpanogos Cyclery, donated $10,000 to go toward phase two. Since then, an anonymous donor has donated $140,000. In both cases, the donors specified that the funds could only go toward the building of phase two, rather than maintenance of phase one or any other project, Cowley said.

“We believe it will cover a majority, or perhaps all, of phase two,” Cowley said.

That will be determined by the city’s parks department and finance employees who will research what the actual costs will be. If the costs are more than the donated amounts, possible grants and park impact fees could be used to make up the difference.

“At this time, no city funds have been designated for the project and if needed, park impact fees can be used,” wrote Councilwoman Cyd LeMone, on the Pleasant Grove Community Connection Facebook page.

It is expected that the project will be discussed again during a City Council meeting in January, although the exact date has not yet been determined. For more information or for updates about the project, follow the Valley Vista Trails Facebook page.

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