STK - Life Flight

After a motorcyclist’s husband reported she had crashed in a remote area of Utah County, first responders and law enforcement worked together to get the critically injured, West Jordan woman aid before it was too late.

Authorities received a call Sunday just after 10:30 a.m. from a man saying that his wife had crashed her motorcycle on State Road 68 near mile marker 21. The crash occurred about 4 miles south of Saratoga Springs, according to a press release by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office.

Troopers with the Utah Highway Patrol were dispatched to the crash site alongside Utah County Sheriff’s Office deputies who heard the call and responded to the scene. The deputies were less than 1 mile away when the call came in.

When officials arrived, they discovered a 48-year-old West Jordan woman had sustained critical injuries during the crash. According to the press release, the woman was traveling south on SR 68 when she was unable to negotiate a curve and crossed into the northbound lane before striking the guardrail.

The force of the crash almost completely severed her left arm just above the elbow, and she was experiencing heavy bleeding. While waiting for first responders, the woman’s husband had used a belt as a tourniquet, however, it had not stopped the bleeding.

Utah County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Tony Sorensen applied a tourniquet from his issued equipment above the belt to successfully stop the bleeding as they waited for medical personnel. Utah County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Amber Steele called for a medical helicopter while Sorensen attended to the injured woman.

Paramedics with the Saratoga Springs Fire Department arrived on scene 12 minutes after the call came in, and the Intermountain Healthcare LifeFlight arrived within 16 minutes of officials receiving the call to transport the woman to a nearby hospital.

“Given the location, both response times are remarkable,” according to the press release. “Paramedics told deputies that without the tourniquet applied by Deputy Sorensen, the woman would likely not have survived.”

The woman is expected to make a full recovery.