If you are on social media, there's no doubt that by now, you've seen your friends as you will see them decades in the future. 

FaceApp, a mobile app with the capability of aging a person in a photo, has gone viral this week, adding years of wrinkles, grey hair and sun damage to today's faces. 

The trend is dubbed the FaceApp Challenge. 

Questions about the security of the FaceApp app arose after it was discovered that the app uploads those photos to its own servers to adjust the photo rather than performing that function on the phone itself. There were also people who expressed concerns over the company's terms of service that outlines the use of photos by the company itself. 

However, Forbes reported Wednesday that the app is not uploading all of your photos and the that the founder says the company is not sharing any user information with third parties. 

Users are encouraged, though to check their security settings to see if the use of the app is something they are comfortable with. 

We put some of Utah County's most recognized faces to the aging challenge test. 

- By Stacy Johnson, Daily Herald

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