The Spanish Fork City Council voted on Tuesday to approve an ordinance making various text amendments to the Title 15 Land Use of the Spanish Fork Municipal Code.

The “most significant” land use amendments approved on Tuesday “involve defining certain uses and listing them as permitted or conditional uses in various zones,” according to a memo presented to the city council, while other changes “could probably be described as housekeeping.”

The changes, which the Spanish Fork City Council approved unanimously, include adding a number of definitions to the city code related to agriculture.

One such definition is for “agritainment,” which the city now defines as “agriculturally-based recreation, entertainment and tourism activities held in conjunction with on-going agricultural uses on a property,” including corn mazes, hay rides, petting zoos, farm stands and farmer’s markets.

Another definition is for a “feedlot,” which is “any dairy, stockyard, feedyard, or similar livestock operation for cattle, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, or game animals, where the animals are corralled, penned, tethered, or otherwise caused to remain in a restricted area for any purpose, and in which the surface of such restricted area is or will become bare of any feed growth in the normal growing season.”

“Grain mill” facilities, meanwhile, are defined as those “that provide the storage and elevating of agricultural commodities” and that are responsible for “the milling of agricultural grains, including grinding, rolling, cracking, flaking and pelletizing.”

The updated code defines a “meat processing facility” as “an enclosed facility, with no Feedlot, used for the killing or dressing of animals, including cattle, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, or game animals,” or a facility used for “the storage, freezing, and curing of meat and preparation of meat products.”

The code notes that meat processing facilities “on sites of less than 20 acres that process 500 or fewer animals in any 24-hour period of time” are allowed under the code as a permitted use.

The Spanish Fork Planning Commission reviewed the proposed land use changes on June 7 and recommended they be approved by the city council, according to Community and Economic Development Director Dave Anderson.

Council member Mike Mendenhall thanked the planning commission for its “hard work and discussion” and spoke about the importance of “not just talking about agriculture uses as a tagline in our city, but actually making it so it’s still possible to still have that stuff.”

“Because a city can grow out of that stuff, and you hear some cities that do that and then kind of wish they didn’t. So I think this is cool, and they (the planning commission) did some good work on this,” he said.

Connor Richards covers government, the environment and south Utah County for the Daily Herald. He can be reached at and 801-344-2599.

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