A year after her terminal brain cancer diagnosis, even as she didn’t know how she’d make Christmas happen for her three sons, Stacy Carrington-Jones still found a way to provide gifts for a struggling man’s family.

This Christmas, more than a year after she died, her sister is hoping Carrington-Jones’ giving spirit lives on.

“I can feel that she wants to make that impact, still,” said Tonia Turner, Carrington-Jones’ sister. “She’s like, I’m not done. I still want to help people and make them feel loved.”

Turner, who lives in Spanish Fork, is collecting donations for Stacy’s Stockings, a project to stuff stockings with small gifts to give to cancer patients. She got the idea after she was driving home from work and said she felt her sister urging her to go home and write down the idea.

The man Carrington-Jones helped that one Christmas told Turner the story after her sister’s death, stating that knowing that he was helped by someone who was also going through tough times changed him as a person. Turner still doesn’t know how her sister did it.

“Stacy, being the person she is, ended up figuring it out, somehow,” she said.

Even with her own personal and financial stresses that came with Carrington-Jones’ cancer glioblastoma diagnosis, Turner said her sister still found a way to help others.

“That is the type of person she was, she spent her whole life giving to everyone she met,” Turner said.

With other cancer diagnoses in the family, Turner knew how expensive treatment can be, not only because of medical bills, but also because of travel costs and losing out on wages from missing work.

Turner posted to Facebook asking for names of people she could help. She received 40 names from her area, and also wants to deliver stockings to hospitals’ cancer units.

The stockings are full of small gifts she thought would be helpful for cancer patients, like free meal cards, lip balm to help with chapped lips caused by chemotherapy, mints to help with nausea, bath bombs and toys children can play with even if they’re confined to a bed.

While she said she can’t do something big to help, Turner hopes the stockings will show patients they are loved.

“Having cancer, it can be the most lonely place to be, and so just knowing that someone cares is a big deal,” she said.

Carrington-Jones loved Christmas, especially because it meant the entire family was getting together. Turner said her sister made an impact on many people.

“Once she met you, she was your best friend, and she would give her entire heart to every person she met,” Turner said.

Tonia Turner’s husband, Joshua Turner, also grew up with Carrington-Jones in Delta. They graduated in the same class, and the loss has hit the family hard. The project, he said, will help other cancer patients.

“You are going through cancer, so you are just trying to survive, so you don’t think about getting things for yourself,” he said.

He sees Stacy’s Stockings growing in future years.

“I feel her sister’s spirit,” he said.

Turner is accepting donations for Stacy’s Stockings through Venmo at the username ToniaTurner7. She can be contacted through StacysStockings@gmail.com.

Tonia plans to distribute the stockings on the weekend of Dec. 6, and will deliver them on Dec. 13, as well, depending on how many stockings she makes.

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