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On Monday night, detectives with the Utah County Major Crimes task force served search warrants that led to the arrest of two individuals allegedly connected to a drug trafficking organization in Salt Lake County.

One man, 36-year-old Melvin Chase, and a woman, 37-year-old Berta Miranda-Solis, were both allegedly identified as members of a drug trafficking organization, and both were arrested with large amounts of money on them.

An investigation into the drug organization started in December when detectives received a tip about a female who was selling heroin in Salt Lake County, with detectives recognizing the name of the female from previous work and investigations.

The female is reportedly unique in how she communicates with those she sells drugs to, often flirting with them, and investigations found that she sends runners to deliver heroin to customers.

She has not been identified by her name yet, but she is allegedly the organizer and facilitator of the drug sales with multiple unidentified Hispanic males who deliver the drugs.

After conducting surveillance and controlled buys on the female, officials reportedly found she has multiple residences and vehicles that are involved with the organization. She is changing homes and vehicles often while also changing her cell phone number, according to the probable cause statement.

Undercover law enforcement began buying drugs from the organization in March, with detectives conducting six total buys with a total of 165.72 grams of heroin being bought.

Detectives then served a search warrant on a vehicle Monday night, arresting Solis and Chase while finding a phone that was reportedly used to tell customers to meet with drug runners.

Neither Solis nor Chase is a United States citizen and the two have little connection to the state of Utah, according to the probable cause statement.

Both were booked into the Utah County Jail on charges of money laundering, a pattern of unlawful activity, and distributing, offering, or arranging the distribution of a controlled substance. The two are being actively held without bail.

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