It's no secret that Utah Valley contains a big population of entrepreneurs. There are a lot of people in our county who have actively taken the steps to make their career passions and dreams a reality.

Recently, came out with a map of the most popular "solopreneur" jobs in each state. By Business's definition, a solopreneur is an entrepreneur who manages their business alone, rather than having business partners or employees. 

While the jobs varied widely from things such as photographer to tax professional, Utah's top job was a position only one other neighboring state claimed as well: life coach.

Solopreneur jobs

Both Utah and Idaho have more life coaches than any other type of "solopreneur" jobs, according to data gathered from GoogleTrends of frequently searched jobs that fall in the category. 

Other trends across the states include the job of social media influencer topping the charts in three states: California, Illinois and Texas. 

While some top jobs seem random, there are others that match up with their state. For example, estheticians came out No. 1 for Hawaii, where, of course, many tourists and vacationers are bound to seek out spa treatments.