When Marcella Hill, the owner of Lindon’s Love Woolies, heard about the Younique Foundation’s mission to help adult survivors of child sexual abuse, she immediately wanted to spread the message to her mostly female customer base.

Love Woolies is a business that takes old sweaters and pieces of clothing, turning them into scrunchies, mittens, pillow covers, face masks, and more. One of the messages from the business and Hill is “made on purpose,” with an added emphasis on finding joy from flaws.

Through this message, Hill connected with the Younique Foundation to schedule a Kintsugi class on June 17.

Kintsugi is a Japanese art where broken pottery is repaired and turned into a piece of art. The act of repairing the pottery is supposed to act as a metaphor for survivors to help heal the feeling of being broken.

Hill said the message behind the Kintsugi class resonated with her and Love Woolies, and while making mittens out of thrown-away sweaters could be a tall task for some, she decided to help host a class.

“Bringing them into our factory, having them break something, see it all broken apart, gluing it back together with patience, being OK with it being broken, looking for good pieces, and being excited about putting these pieces together allows you to watch people appreciate brokenness and appreciate the ability to recreate something that wouldn’t have been there without the trauma,” Hill said.

The message is powerful for not only child sexual abuse survivors but everyone. Hill said that while she is not a survivor, she did experience a broken marriage after 10 years.

Through this experience, Hill said she understands what it feels like to have one’s life torn apart, having everything broken into a million pieces, and seeing the beauty in it through creativity.

This experience for Hill led to her rebuilding her life into something that she loves, even finding more joy than before.

She hopes those attending the event can find appreciation in the pain, things people may not like, things people wish weren’t there, and the beautiful piece of pottery that stands at the end proves that life can be OK even when it feels broken.

“For me to be able to use our message, our company that used to just make mittens, to be able to bring hope and joy to people that feel like they can relate to these broken sweaters, being unrecognizable, not knowing your purpose, and we can use what we do to help them have hope, joy, creativity and see something beyond their imagination,” Hill said. “That thrills my soul, makes me wake up in the morning, makes me go to work, and it’s so much more than what making mittens used to be.”

The Younique Foundation’s Regional Outreach Coordinator Annie Hartvigsen said the Kintsugi class is normally something that is held at the Haven Retreat put on by the foundation.

She added that the experiential nature of the class provides a different level of learning, allowing all attendees the chance to use their hands and create something that takes on a new meaning.

“We are really careful to say that you are not broken, but a lot of participants come with feelings of brokenness,” Hartvigsen said. “To take that class and see that there is beauty beyond the breaks, when a bowl is fixed it is actually stronger in the points that it was broken, and it’s such a nice conversation around healing, how it takes time, how we’re more valuable because of our experiences, and we maybe don’t want them but there is immense value in what we’ve experienced. When we were talking with Marcella, it’s something that I think everyone can benefit from even if we’re doing a class with people who are not necessarily survivors.”

Hartvigsen continued, saying that Hill and Love Woolies have been big advocates for women and that is illustrated through the mission behind Love Woolies. The missions of the two companies are in lock-step, according to Hartvigsen.

To learn more about the Kintsugi class and the other events that Love Woolies will be hosting, visit syfteco.com.

On top of the class, Love Woolies also will be selling a special bundle of scrunchies during the week of June 17 and a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Younique Foundation.

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