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Letter: Promises a sham in Utah? 

By Staff | May 12, 2022

STK- letter to the editor

Do Utahns really believe that a local grocer runs all their produce through a 27-point inspection every time? Or that auto maintenance plans check out everything their marketing material says they do? Or that health departments are watching restaurants closely for violations, that environmental inspectors are finding and punishing polluters, that schools are policing racism and bullying, that cops protect the law and not each other? 

What is it that makes us think legislators are not getting away with illegal gifts and campaign donations, that judges don’t do special favors for friends, that local church goers are not watching porn? 

Why is it we swallow the pitch that our favorite failed sports team will win next year, when they lose the same way every year? 

And how about TV ads promising bathroom remodels will be completed in a day’s time, that gutter replacement materials are cheap, that customers always feel like family in a particular auto repair shop, that accident indemnification legal suits are the only way to go, that skin moisturizers and wrinkle removers last a long time, that local government will get tough on water conservation measures, that insurance companies are always there for you, that ED treatments are superior because pills don’t work, and that a particular TV news organization is the only place you can learn about a particular issue?  

Society doesn’t work unless the people as a whole decide to enforce performance of promises and honest advertisements. Or have Utahns already decided to just blow wind until the millennium comes? 

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross


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