Saratoga Springs - 2010

Drivers navigate the old road in Saratoga Springs where Pony Express Parkway ended transitioning from Eagle Mountain, March 9, 2010.  

Most cities in Utah would need to do a little digging to go back to their origins, the first establishments and first residents making significant contributions.

Eagle Mountain, in its youth, however doesn’t have that issue and was able to recently acknowledge and celebrate its first employee to reach 20-year service status.

Zac Hilton started with the city 20 years ago working on the utilities. Now he manages the streets and storm water department. To say his commute from Pleasant Grove, where he lives, has changed in 20 years is likely a severe understatement.

Think of Redwood Road, Pioneer Parkway, and the roads connecting the east side of Utah Valley to the west and all that’s transpired in just the last 10 years.

As fast as that has all taken place, there’s no signs it will slow down.

With the city having attracted larger companies like Facebook for its data center and Tyson Foods’ production plant opening in 2021, there is still significant infrastructure development to take place and support businesses, residents and employees coming there.

According to Hilton, he doesn’t think his job will slow down either; he predicts the city’s population will hit the 50,000 mark in just the next few years.

So much has happened since Eagle Mountain incorporated in 1996 with 250 residents to now, as it boasts more than 35,600 (as of July 2018 Census population estimates which are likely already much higher since that time).

It is an exciting time to be growing in Utah. Eagle Mountain has many moments to celebrate. It will also face increased pressure to ensure that star employees, like Hilton, are planning for the future in a way that will setup Eagle Mountain for success as it transitions from its youth into early adulthood and full maturity. Fortunately, it has other cities in Utah County to look to as examples of smart planning and resistors to change, with the hope it can pull from the best as it transforms the west side of the valley.

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