The year of 2019 has proved to be yet another year of wonderful growth among many industries and areas.

Utah County continues to function as the economic driver of the state — from agriculture to startups to full-blown tech businesses along Silicon Slopes. Our businesses, and cities, are growing and showing no real signs of slowing down.

It’s a wonderful blessing to be a resident and watch this success bloom in front of our eyes, when counties elsewhere in the state and country struggle to align their businesses (or shortage thereof) with the available workforce.

We have a young, capable population of children and youth who are progressing to become highly educated individuals that further contribute to our communities, thanks to the efforts of local school districts, Utah Valley University and trade schools.

For many Utah County residents, the holiday season will be a happy and bountiful one. But there are still families among us who are struggling to make ends meet, whether from the burden of medical bills, a lost job or layoff, death of a family member, or inability to find affordable housing to put a roof over their head.

To this end, Utah county has always been generous, and we hope and expect all of us to continue to do so. With great prosperity comes the duty to help our fellow men and women whose thanks will be attributed to a generous hand, gift or donation.

This can be done individually through needs you’ve witnessed in your own neighborhood, or large, local organized efforts like Sub for Santa through the United Way of Utah County, or other nonprofits working to help our homeless population into transitional housing and bridge the gap for food insecurity. You can even donate to local charities by visiting The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ new Giving Machine installed in the University Place Mall in Orem, which will feature donations to people and places right here in Utah County.

We’re grateful for the generosity that exists here in the valley; so many families and businesses donate their time and money to help those seeking relief. It is a hallmark of the holidays, and one we are fortunate to witness so often when residents reach out to Daily Herald reporters to share.

At the Daily Herald, we could not be more grateful for these rays of light that shine in Utah County. While there is darkness and crime, and corruption that exists, it cannot compete with the good that is being done on a daily basis in our homes, schools, places of worship and in the places we visit that bring joy.

Thank you for supporting us at the Daily Herald as we share these stories that connect us to each other, as well as the stories we must report on that hold our communities accountable, and hopefully more safe. Most of all, we wish you a very merry Thanksgiving.