Timpanogos Storytelling Fest settles into new location 01

People enjoy the stories told during the “Bedtime Stories” event, which was part of the larger Timpanogos Storytelling Festival on Friday, Sept. 8, 2017, at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi.

We believe every person has a story. For some, you must dig a little deeper to reveal it. Others’ narratives might flow forth easily, with constant steadiness.

This year, the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival filled a new chapter of its own story after a long 27 years in Orem. This year, the festival sought to blossom at a new venue and on a different weekend. These changes were announced shortly after 2016’s festival, much to the dismay of Orem city and those who find change amid cherished tradition.

And after nearly a year of preparation to set stage at Thanksgiving Point, the festival last weekend seemed to grow into its new space and location.

For years, festivalgoers were bound to take shuttles, as the parking and traffic in Provo Canyon could not handle the bulk of attendees. The canyon was a beautiful locale, and so is Ashton Gardens. Storytellers couldn’t help but mention the magical flowers and fauna throughout the weekend, as they wove their own sort of fairy tales and narratives.

The show was not without its hiccups, though being the first year at Thanksgiving Point we’ll chalk it up to growing pains. A couple times we ran into staff that wasn’t sure where certain tents or events were located. The lone restrooms were a bit of a jaunt from further placed tents. Shivers in the Night was perhaps the least spooky event we’ve been to; the dark canyon offered a different feeling than inside of a commercialized barn. Traffic, in general, in this area of Lehi is a nightmare during commuting times with all of the employees of tech companies coming and going. And the golf carts seemed like an extension of Utah drivers on I-15; dodge for your life.

All things considered, the festival was still an overwhelming success in our eyes and those whom we were surrounded by throughout the weekend.

Utah County can only hope that the move to Lehi will help attract more visitors and tourists to the festival and the area. It is spectacular events like these that allow the valley to showcase its hospitality and amenities on a national scale. After all, storytellers travel from all across the United States and even internationally to perform here.

Witnessing the magnitude of the event and talent on showcase, it is easy to come to the conclusion that the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is one of Utah County’s gems, sitting among national attractions like the Timpanogos Cave, Brigham Young University’s campus and Sundance.