Utah County residents upset over proposed property tax increase (Oct. 29)

I have no problem paying my share of taxes that go towards the services we use in the county. My issue is with 100% INCREASE. This increase request is just irresponsible. If we have had a budget shortfall for this long, it should have been handled years ago. This is a matter of neglect from our elected commissioners with a lack of politcal fortitude to really look at the problems facing our county and dealing with them. Instead we are left with a money grab that will likely not be 100% increase when we are done but will be substantial and hurt low income individuals who are not equipped to deal with a dramatic increase. — Tim McKenna

I’m for it. The Sheriff’s Office is in desperate need of additional funding due to the fast-growing population in the county. They’ve done more and more with less over the years and it’s about time the deputies get compensated for it. If citizens want quality law enforcement and the jail fully staffed to keep criminals where they belong, then they need to pay for it. Even with the tax increase, property taxes in Utah County pale in comparison to other counties nation wide and here in Utah... just ask people from California. —Iron Addict

I wish the conversation around this could be a little more genuine and speak in concretes. We spend so much time focusing on “OMG, it’s 100%,” but how much is that really? For example, my house is valued at $409K. That got updated just this year. The Utah County portion of my 2019 property tax is ~$150. The proposed increase will make it ~$300. That is a ~$12 / month increase over the course of the year. That is the cost of Netflix subscription. I understand there may be a very few that can’t do this, but I don’t believe this is the burden some are making it out to be. Problem we have in Utah is we want more things and expect budgeting voodoo to some how make it work. In the end, if we want things, we have to pay for them and I don’t think $12 / month more is asking too much. —Chris Robison

We need to send Ainge,Ivie and Romney kicking a can down the road. — Dave Dudley

The problem is that every year property tax goes up. Not just this one time because Utah County Government finally saw no other option. Every year the schools and city ask for increases. It is very hard for someone living on a fixed income to keep handing out more and more on taxes. Those same people living on a fixed income possibly could see small increase to their income but certainly not a 100% increase. Utah County waited too long to ask for a tax increase. — Pam Robinson Cassidy

Jelalian: Why has Utah County procrastinated to the point taxes are raised at larger numbers? (Nov. 3)

I wish my property taxes were as low and not going up ridiculous amounts in a very short period! During the past 8 years mine went from about $900 to almost $1600. Now not only is the county talking about doubling their portion the Provo School District wants that new bond and Provo City is bonding for the new city center. The only thing that hasn’t gone up that much is my income. — Ron Hathcock

‘Our community members hold a lot of power’: Latino Utahns strive for political representation (Nov. 3)

Excellent article and I’m loving this series from the Daily Herald. Though this article specifically highlights the Latino community, I think the point is that diversity in any form is an important, necessary part of a city council. And I’m disappointed in the stereotyping I see in this comment section. It is precisely what candidate Nichelle Jensen is speaking out about. I hope to see more people, organizations, and communities reaching out to and involving Latino families. We all live here together and all of our needs should be heard. — Cissyras