DICKSON: BYU football once again staring at college football mediocrity (Sept. 29)

First, why would a team that has lost 15 games the previous 2 yrs combined expect a “special season”? An improved season should be expected but you don’t go from a 6-6 regular season last yr. to suddenly having a “special season”. ONLY BYU fans think that’s possible.

You didn’t change coaches and added an unproven, albeit good transfer RB. But it’s the same OL, D and coaching. what was the catalyst to the “special season”? Zach Wilson? Who went 3-3 in regulation last yr?

Honestly, come on!

Point of clarification: Even if BYU only lost 1 game, they are NOT making a NY6 game. Period, end of discussion. They may not make one if they are undefeated. In fact, even undefeated, it’s more likely they don’t make a NY6 game than they do make one.

Welcome to independence. Where you are not in any “club” (P5 or G5) that can provide the access necessary. — Thomas Paulsen

Kalani does not appear to have what it takes as a head coach. That said, who is there out there who would want to to take over a program so limited by non-football constraints? I suspect there is no one who would be willing to come to Provo who is both a great coach, and a candidate acceptable to the board of trustees. — Keith R. Frank

Written from an apologist’s perspective. They beat 2 bad P5 teams, one that lost to Georgia State and one that had a true freshman in his second start that threw 2 picks inside his own 30 yard line spotting the Cougars 10 points. It is straight rhetoric and wishful thinking to put this team in the 10 percent behind the top 13 teams in the nation. They have been mediocre for many years now, just look at the record against P5 teams and decent G5 teams. To get all giddy like “they are back” from those 2 barely won games against bad P5 teams is just plain silly. They don’t have the talent or the coaches to be anything more than a lower middle of the road G5 team, but the local media keeps attempting to spin the reality. It is painful to even read how absurd the spin is. I played at BYU under Lavell, I know what I am talking about. — Pugilist

Despite county attorney opinion, Orem mayor reprimanded by City Council over alleged repeated misuse of retirement funds (Sept. 24)

There are numerous individuals serving time in Utah for having done less.

This is a tragic miscarriage of justice. — [\/]A[X] [\]![-]![L]

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

This was no mistake, he knew what he was doing. — TruthSeeker

“He chose to repeatedly circumvent the policy by falsifying documents”... isn’t that the KEY statement? Why then did the County Attorney choose to give him a pass? It was not a mistake if it happened “repeatedly”. The Potomac Two-step has moved West. Never voted for this guy... He has been one of the worst Orem mayors to date. Right up there with Stella Welch — Jeff Haderlie

This guy is a piece of work! The citizens of Orem need to stand up and require his resignation! I would also be very wary of David Spencer at this point. They were good friends, campaigned together, and both lied to the public about their intentions as members of the city council. It was obvious almost immediately after the election. I’m not sure why they are still there — both re-elected. Wake up Orem! I made the mistake of believing then the first time, but never again. — momto6ls

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