Provo breaks ground on new airport terminal 09

Different sized planes are displayed for the Provo terminal groundbreaking Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. (Photo by Johnny Morris, special to the Daily Herald)

Thumbs up: Congrats to all Utah Valley high school volleyball teams that made it to their respective state tournaments. The volleyball has been excellent this year and we wish all the athletes the best as they compete.

Thumbs up: Provo residents and city leaders are engaging architects on the soon-to-be built airport terminal. Because of the interaction of all the stakeholders, it appears the terminal will represent the community and the hometown feel of Provo and Utah County. Now let keep our fingers crossed we can get additional flights and airlines to take us traveling king to a numbers of east and west, north and south destinations.

Thumbs down: Again, to the Utah County Elections office had difficult time getting information out on election totals Tuesday. The first totals released at 8 p.m. on a new digital map but struggled to display properly for residents all over the county. While there were problems and numbers keep being released, the confusion and glitches are much better that last year’s election and since the county started vote by mail. Kudos to Payson and Vineyard for have their ranked choice voting numbers out before the rest.

Thumbs up: Kudos to Scott Henderson, project manager of the new Provo city hall project. The interior and exterior designs look good, not too elaborate and most importantly functional. Let’s hope the $69 million bond gets the work done without overages. We look forward to seeing the transition as residents and guests enter Provo from Interstate 15 into Provo’s Center Street and are greeted at 500 West and Center Street by a new and improved city facility.

Thumbs up: It’s great to see BYU football and men’s basketball getting comfortable wins in the last week. It’s all great to see the Cougars playing well.

Thumbs up: The cold spell broke! We actually wore short sleeves this week and love it!

Thumbs down: Some of us continue to be stressed about favorite Disney movies leaving Netflix.

Thumbs up: Timpanogos Regional Hospital has opened a new cancer center, which includes additional cancer technology. As the county grows, we can expect the number of people diagnosed with cancer to grow, as well. Having options close to home keeps people in their communities. Cancer is hard (and expensive) enough. It’s even harder when you have to drive and spend money on fuel to get to treatments in Salt Lake City. This new center will prove to be beneficial to Utah County, and hopefully it will save lives.

Thumbs down: Was it naive to think that elections were going to be better this year? With new technology and a new person in charge, all signs pointed toward things going calmer than in years past. That wasn’t the case this year. Results took more than an hour to be posted in a readable, trustable format. What citizens had before that was an interactive map that wasn’t accurate and didn’t load. Nothing stokes conspiracy theories more than results that change depending on the second and who is looking at them. Come on, Utah County. You can do better.

Thumbs down: Timpview High School needs to be rebuilt. Now. And now that the bond has failed, that timeline is being pushed farther and farther back. Let’s hope that the school doesn’t fall down, or that another chunk doesn’t fall from the ceiling and injure a student this time, or the blood of children will literally be on Provo’s hands.

Thumbs up: It makes us happy to see The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints installing a #LightTheWorld Giving Machine at University Place in Orem. It’s a great expansion of a thoughtful program about what the holiday season really means. Locals will surely be looking forward to helping local and global causes.

Thumbs down: Grocery stores, the state ABC and news outlets didn’t handle the recent rollout of 5% by volume beer very well. The media and grocery stores confusingly used different standards when describing the change (mixing alcohol by weight and alcohol by volume), potentially leading people to think that alcohol content was going up by a whopping 56.25%. No matter how you measure it, the actual content is going up by a more sane 25% (from 3.2% to 4% by weight or 4% to 5% by volume). Some people may argue that Utahns are used to referring to the old standard as 3.2% by weight. That’s true, but state law has used both standards for years and there’s no excuse for not clearly explaining what’s going on. It was disappointing to see the state liquor stores threaten to throw out beer they could no longer sell by law. Although the amount of beer that will have to be spoiled is likely pretty small, the agency doesn’t appear to be good stewards of the public’s money with this policy. Grocery stories also get a razz for taking too much time putting new stock on shelves. Many the stores I’ve been to still have half-filled shelves. I’ve been to Maverik stations with better selection than the supermarkets I’ve been to.

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