Utah County recently made history by declaring itself “a safe haven for all of its citizens, including the unborn, the elderly and the mentally and physically impaired.”

Utah County is the first county in the nation to adopt a resolution specifically honoring the sanctity of life in all its stages and conditions. Proposed by Commissioner Bill Lee, the resolution was unanimously supported by Commissioners Ainge and Ivie.

Is this just a ploy to attract political attention or to wave a self-congratulating banner of virtue? No. This resolution stands in direct and solemn opposition to horrific laws and motions rolling across the country that openly allow infanticide and fail to protect women from the well-documented short- and long-term effects of choosing death for their babies.

Utah is the right place for the genesis of such a movement. Our state is well-known for its focus on families and its respect for human life. Utahns of many political and religious backgrounds value family relationships which spring from the womb. We overwhelmingly believe in preserving and nurturing human life both before and after birth, even when doing so is inconvenient.

Utah County joins the city of Riverton in standing tall for the protection of unborn babies. The city of Highland will be considering a similar resolution on July 16. These resolutions are showing that public will is growing stronger and stronger to state emphatically that the lives of unborn human beings and future citizens are worth protecting.

These resolutions are creating a wave of public influence felt throughout the state. Further, they strengthen a life-affirming mindset in our counties and commissions that will encourage every elected official to look at opportunities to keep protecting women and babies.

Ben Franklin once said, “What good is a newborn baby?”

This tongue-in-cheek statement implies that small, unassuming, seemingly worthless things often carry unrealized value — such is the case with an uncut diamond, a cocoon, a seed, or a baby. An unborn baby may appear to be a worthless, inconvenient and an even disposable liability to some. But a baby is, in fact, the thing of greatest worth.

Small, unborn people grow up to be big, capable, creative, loving, productive, articulate, intelligent, stunning people who enrich our families and lead our communities. Declaring Utah County a sanctuary for the unborn emphasizes the value of babies and our collective belief in protecting the smallest and most vulnerable among us. It is a public assertion that Utahns value and will protect both the mothers in our communities and our own future citizenry.

Utah County has the heart and the hands to serve as a sanctuary for the unborn and their mothers. Here are three reasons why:

  • A new Pregnancy Resource Center is opening in Utah County this summer. This center offers free ultrasounds, pregnancy support and counseling, parenting classes, as well as baby clothes, diapers, formula and other baby care items. Utah residents, businesses, and other entities have already generously donated time, money and useable resources to opening this center.
  • Churches, pro-life organizations and individuals stand ready to assist pregnant women both before and after the birth of their babies.
  • Numerous Utah families are ready and anxious to adopt babies who cannot be raised by their birth mothers.

Utahns understand that mothers’ and fathers’ lives are most enriched by giving life to their babies, not aborting them or leaving them to die on hospital shelves as is being promoted in other states. Utah County’s resolution to protect all human life — including the lives of the unborn — reflects Utah’s best and most cherished values.

Kimberly Ells is the Policy Advisor for Family Watch International – Utah Chapter and a member of Abortion-Free Utah.