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Letter: A spine chilling fifth hearing 

By Staff | Jul 2, 2022

STK- letter to the editor

The fifth Congressional hearing on the January 6th event taught us a lot.  

The good news: there are still good guys in high places in government.  

The bad news: bad guys willing to believe anything and do anything for riches and power can be found most anywhere and anytime, both in Congress and the executive branch. 

The horrible news: The sacred political party of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan in just a few years’ time has become as ignorant, corrupt, and out of control as the party of any medieval Asian despot or bad seed European king and his courtiers ever were.  

The even more horrible news: A large portion of the American electorate, supposedly knowledgeable about history and government because they attended school for twelve years, are happy to go along with all the corruption. 

Kimball Shinkoskey, Woods Cross


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