I appreciate the efforts of Best Friends to Animals and the Utah County animal shelters in their efforts to alleviate the suffering of cats. I think it is the responsibility of all of us to help. It is a good things to trap the feral and abandoned cats, get them fixed, and release them in their own familiar territory. But that isn't the end of the story; the cat still has needs.

We get the mistaken idea that cats can fend for themselves. They have fur to keep them warm and can catch mice. The truth is they shiver in the cold of winter, their paws hurt on the ice and snow. They can't drink frozen water and food is very scarce if available at all. It is heart breaking to watch a cat die of starvation and cold.

Cats resemble humans in many ways; they respond to love and kindness. They have distinctive personalities. They bond with people they trust. They give comfort and companionship. They experience fears and hunger. They want to belong and be safe.

When they are denied these things I think they would prefer humane euthanasia over slow, starving death. So I suggest that the next time some poor starving cat comes begging, we feed it instead of shooing it away. People who care are a blessing to society. God loves kindness.

— Carma Bowen, Provo

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