Here are the reasons why Orem should leave Alpine School District.

1. ASD stacks Orem schools with the best students through language immersion and advanced programs. They hold schools they take students from accountable for low test scores. Special needs students are ignored in the name of helping elementary students to get on track to go to Brigham Young University.

2. ASD complains about large class sizes, then tears down newly-remodeled schools, like Hillcrest, then tell parents the only solution is to hire more counselors.

3. The superintendent makes more than $250,000 a year with benefits and retirement.

4. Vineyard is growing. ASD has made no plans, that I am aware of, for this growth.

5. ASD ignores weather conditions of Orem when deciding inside days, snow days etc.

6. They waste lots of money with color ads and flyers sent out.

7. They issue bonds that always get passed because, "Who wants cut funds for education?" But that just puts Orem more in debt to them.

8. Progressive ideas are being taught.

9. Zero tolerance polices are hurting the innocent.

10. ASD is too big for a Utah school district.

There are lots of reason why we should break. We should have broken off in 2006 when we had the chance. We need to wake up and take action.

— Trent Bowen, Orem

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